Men’s Fashion for Christian Modern Males

Hairstyles, Skin Care and Clothing for Christian Men

Collectively, men’s fashion is nothing more than knowing how to coordinate “pieces” so as to create an image. Most people tend to think of fashion as only being comprised of clothing but there’s more to fashion and that includes hair grooming and hairstyles as well as skin care. It is not true that a typical young Christian male cannot look after himself although we certainly do not promote lavishness and egocentricity. Instead, we encourage at our fashion consultancy a sense of pride in oneself and a sense of feeling complete which then allows one to become a better man and help others.

George Clooney with his hair in a classic side part hairstyle.

Men’s fashion for Christian males

We know that we should remain free of eccentricities so our attire and hairstyle must reflect that. Likewise, fashion for Christian men should err more on the conservative side and always ask your local church priest or counselor. We want to give you some advice that as a Christian male will help you in improving your appearance while still retaining your wholesomeness and self-embracing.

The right hairstyle for a Christian male

These days, the hairstyles for men range from very short to very long and, in between, you can find all kinds of styles for your hair, and at least one should be good for you as a Christian male. Such hairstyles should not be longer than six inches and should not be taller than two inches. By taller we refer to a hairstyle that has the hair piling up on the scalp so that it sticks out. These male hairstyles are known as “big hair” hairstyles and are quite trendy among liberal men but are certainly not acceptable in our circles.

Derek Dough with a slicked back hairstyle and his hair styled with pomade.

Instead, men’s hairstyles such as side parted hairstyles, slicked back hairstyles, businessmen haircuts and short military hairstyles are all great hairstyles to choose from. Generally, do not keep your hair longer than six inches and, if you intend to grow your hair long, we advice your to first seek advice from your ministry.

Men’s hair products to use for your hairstyle

Another topic within the men’s hairstyle topic itself is what hair products to use. Men tend to grab whatever their wives or sisters use and this isn’t always good. Hairstyling products that will do very well for your conservative hairstyles include hair gel, hair pomade and styling creams. A good hair product guide we recommend is this hair product guide from Rogelio, author of Manly Curls ( and The Men’s Hair Book, a book that focuses around male hair care and that reads easily. Rogelio has created a brand out of Manly Curls and his book The Men’s Hair Book, is an extension of his Manly Curls brand and exclusively aimed at men who want their hair to look their best without any flamboyant excesses that young and not-so young men are encouraged to make in our modern days.

For hair care, the products you should be using on your hair should be a daily conditioner, which are also known as hair moisturizers, and a regular shampoo. The conditioner should follow the shampoo.

Skin care for men

Your skin is the largest tissue in your body and it should be routinely looked after. The skin care for men doesn’t need to be as elaborate as the skin care for women: basic skin care includes daily moisturizing of the face (just like you moisturize your hair daily too). Avoid skin care products that are too oily or jammed with petroleum jelly as this ingredient clogs the skin pores. Instead, try to choose a facial moisturizer that hydrates the skin by being composed mostly of water and vitamins such as vitamin C and B.

Men’s Clothing

We thought we’d leave men’s clothing for last as that’s what any male thinks of when mentioning fashion. You have seen already that male fashion also includes hairstyles, hair care and skin care, but of course, the clothing is a must to really get the whole image sharpened!

A conservative fashion style for men is one where you never wear sport shoes (unless partaking in a sports activity) and where you always choose a suit for your formal wear. A 2-piece suit with a plain pressed shirt with black shoes. On the other hand, for your informal settings, a polo shirt with a pullover and chino pants will do perfectly. Never wear your pants baggy! And the polo shirt must always be tucked into the pants!

The shoes are possibly the most important male fashion piece, a man starts dressing himself from the shoes and this is every-so important for us Christian men as shoes cover our feet, which we use for walking (and walking is an important activity for us). Shoes must always be of dark tones unless for sports shoes, which can be white, but sport shoes should only be used for physical activities or sports activities. Otherwise, it’s either shoes for suits or boat shoes. Avoid the new age boat shoes that distance themselves from the classic sturdy boat shoe and also do avoid boots unless you live in the country and are involved in farming activities.

Male fashion is simple, yet a very interesting topic for men!

We wanted to keep the advice above short and to the point. Every male differs in what ultimately suits him and that’s why it’s impossible to give you an ultimate men’s fashion guide that fully customizes your hairstyle and hair, skin care and particular dressing style. We can only recommend you to read books and online information, including our own advice, and we also recommend you to reach out to us if you need professional male fashion advice. Whatever the case, remember, as a Christian males there’s no reason to not look classic and elegant without having without having to give up your particular beliefs.


Jacob and Adam